MagnaPump Standard Windshield Repair Kit

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Product Description

The Blue Star MagnaPumpTM system includes all the components to perform 25 repairs. The MagnaPumpTM system is equipped with a Vacuum / Pressure gauge for monitoring the repair process. It includes a portable battery operated UV Lamp as well as a pit polishing kit.

Kit includes:
1 MagnaPumpTM
25 Adhesive Alignment Seals
25 Pedestals (Resin Chambers)
1 Bottle of UV Quick Cure Resin 
(12 Ml)- 60CPS
1 Bottle of UV Crack Filler Resin 
(12 Ml)- 20CPS
2 Hoses (30 inches)
1 Flow Regulator
1 Cure Guard
1 Carbide Probe
1 UV Curing Lamp (operates with 
batteries or use with lamp adaptor 
e/w cigarette lighter connection
1 UV Lamp Adaptor (connects to UV 
Lamp and cigarette lighter)
4 Penlight Batteries
25 Mylar Squares for pit repairs
1 Bottle of Pit Polish
10 Razor Blades with Holder
1 Instruction Manual / Video
1 Tool Box
1 Viewing Mirror
1 Pen Light Flashlight