ClearVac/MagnaPump Re-supply Kit

ClearVac/MagnaPump Re-supply Kit
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The ClearVacTM / MagnaPumpTM re-supply kit is ideal for use with any Blue Star repair system that uses This convenient re-supply kit comes with components and replacement parts to complete 48 repairs. It is recommended for business that must have replacement supplies immediately available. All components can be purchased separately and are listed in the parts and re-supplies section below.

Kit includes:
48 Adhesive Alignment Seal
48 Pedestals (Resin Chambers)
1 Bottle of UV Quick Cure Resin (1 oz)
1 Hose (30 inches)
1 Flow Regulator
48 Mylar Squares
1 Bottle of Pit Polish (1/4 oz)
1 Razor Blade
1 Contents Box